5 Commonly Asked Questions About Custody

Filing for divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. Many couples will often put off separating to avoid breaking up their family when sometimes the best solution is

Are You Emotionally Unavailable?

Knock, knock. Does your house look abandoned inside? Who's there? Nobody. Nobody Who?.... Errr. Just nobody. The house is empty. Are YOUR lights on and no one's home? Are you emotionally unavailable? During a recent deep discussion on relationships with the highly intellectual & World Traveler, Mr. Trout (you can download more of

Motivational Monday – “Sink fear, raise hope.”

    Get Motivated – “Sink fear, raise hope.” Thom You can do this. Keep breathing and keep moving on. To help you on your journey consider joining our weekly Thursday email. This includes one complete article, and links to other great stories and articles you might have missed the


Negotiating Spousal Support During a Divorce

Are you interested in receiving spousal support after your divorce? Will you be required to pay support to your ex-spouse? If so, you can negotiate the amount and duration of

12 Divorce Myths Busted

If you’ve never been through a divorce before, the realities of the process will understandably be unfamiliar to you. If you are considering divorce and trying to learn about how a New York divorce works, you may get advice or supposed facts from friends, family members, your hairstylist, or someone


Why Open the Door? And Why Do You Still Have that Hideous Bedspread?

Avoidance. Numbing. Most of us are adept at coping through these mechanisms also called (by me anyway) shoving junk into that third bedroom-turned-storage-room of our psyche, piling everything atop the

This Will Hurt, Harm and Suck The Very Life Out of Your Child

Not knowing the evidence will hurt your child. (and you) I have a brilliant sister whose name is Penny. It is a great British name. I call her Nelope. Nelope attended the same undergraduate college as I did in Virginia. Both of us had attended summer school so that we

How a Divorce Support Group Can Help You

Getting a divorce could have a profound impact on the rest of your life. Going through a divorce alone is not necessary.  Divorce can be an emotionally traumatic event, especially if your marriage involved conflicts that were heated and protracted.  Participating in a divorce support group could help you recover