Divorce Decision Day One: 6 Realizations of a Survivor

Divorce Decision Day One:  6 Realizations of a Survivor Divorce? What the Hell Now? A friend called me this week looking for a suggestion on a lawyer. It made me

Motivational Monday – “Stay cool with those who are not.”

  Get Motivated – “Stay cool with those who are not.” Thom You can do this. Keep breathing and keep moving on. To help you on your journey consider joining our weekly Thursday email. This includes one complete article, and links to other great stories and articles you might have

We’ve missed you!

It’s been one of those weeks… and for that we are sorry that we have not been here to help. A major server crash kept us busy, but helped remind us how much we have missed you. If you have questions or need help, shoot us an email. We are


Could Uncontested Divorce be the Right Choice for you?

When divorce seems to be the ultimate end of a marital relationship, it requires to figure out the right approach to execute it. Sometimes the matters get too complicated that

What is A Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce proceedings are never easy and almost always a difficult thing to go through because they can often drag on and extend needlessly. When both parties want to help speed up the process or even just move on, there are many ways to resolve the divorce without the messy and

Almost a ‘Do It Yourself’ Divorce

As a divorce attorney, I understand that the cost of a divorce can often be expensive. However, if someone cannot afford the full services of a divorce lawyer, there is a cost-efficient, yet still effective, option – Limited Scope Representation. The state of Illinois expanded the rules regarding Limited Scope


Control your anger…

...Before it controls you!!  It is said that “Anger” is one of the hardest emotion to overcome and get under control. Why? Because when you are angry you feel superior,

Understanding Children’s Emotional Needs During Divorce

When parents are caught up in the drama of divorce it is easy for them to forget the emotional and security needs of their innocent children. The following are a list of questions and comments that remind parents about the most fundamental needs of every child in order to experience

Living With Anxiety..

Do you ever feel excessive worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome? Do you ever worry about worrying? Has feeling overwhelmed become a repetitive feeling throughout the day for you? If yes, then you might be dealing with situational or short/long term