Filling Time and Space

Are you going through life punching life's time lock? Life's Punch clock Filling each day with stuff and things as times sands flow away? Time to dig deeper and smell

Motivational Monday

Get Motivated – “Don’t board a relationship heading for the rocks.”  Thom You can do this. Keep breathing and keep moving on. To help you on your journey consider joining our weekly Thursday email. This includes one complete article, and links to other great stories and articles you might have

Divorce Decisions – Choosing a new Apartment

Your life plan probably didn't include starting over and moving back to your first apartment... the same way as your promise of "I do" turned into "I do not..." The party's over so what now? Step one is to put on your big boy/girl pants (not seriously, you will look

Basic Divorce Guide

The process of divorce is normally heard in the family court. This simply means that the divorce trial will not be heard in  front of the jury. A judge will

Is Divorce Looming? – Three Tips from a Divorce Lawyer

1. Talk to a Divorce Attorney It is incredibly important you know your legal rights. Every situation is different, and you will need an experienced divorce lawyer to advise you how the law affects your particular circumstances. The law varies from state to state and is even applied differently throughout

Post Divorce Name Change Q&A

If you’ve recently gone through—or are in the process of—divorce the question as to the future of your current last name may have popped into mind.

Shut Up and Listen to Your Idiot Kid!

Cynthia Tobias has been a leader is helping parents and educators for 20 years.  She is practical, wise and makes sense when so many in the mental health profession, educators and

Should I stay in a toxic marriage for the kids? Or Divorce?

An Interview with Rosalind Sedacca, CDC I understand you are a child of parents who stayed in a bad marriage rather than getting a divorce. What was that like? My childhood was not a happy one. My parents were good people caught in a bad relationship. They fought continuously. I

Coping with What You’ll Probably Feel after Divorce

Whether you’ve been in a long term relationship or marriage, coming to the end of the road can leave you to feel unprepared for what’s to happen in the emotional department. A rollercoaster of feelings can take place. At one point, you’ll feel relieved about not having to deal with