The Importance Of Spending Time Alone

I happen to think that it’s very healthy to spend time alone. After divorce, you need to learn how to be alone and that you’re not defined by another person.While

30 Questions to Help If You Have Doubts About Your Relationship

One of the best life lessons I learned was from my beloved grandmother.  She taught me to never be afraid to ask questions. She would often look at me with her warm, almond-colored eyes and say, “The best way to learn, to gain clarity is to ask questions. Never take

Stressful In-Dependence

Do you get stressed Is it caused by self, others or your environment? I’ve never been much of a stress bag (english term)–my divorce caused my first and only glimpse of my 6-pack as I lost twelve pounds. Months later those returned (OK maybe 13 returned) as I found a

Ways To Cut Legal Fees During Divorce

Divorce or dissolution of marriage can be an expensive process. The emotional, familial and psychological impacts are hard enough to endure and the financial burden can make the aftermath quite

Should We Stay Together for the Kids or Divorce?

This is an age-old question without a clear cut answer. The truth is that all marriages are different. So you need to find out whether the kids would actually be better off living in a home where mum and dad are in constant conflict or where they are happy but

Telling Your Friends and Family You’re Getting Divorced

Divorce is a significant, life-changing event. Even those who affirmatively make the decision often have mixed feelings. The thought of announcing the news to friends, family, and even strangers can evoke feelings of anxiety. It is hard to know how to respond to someone who tells you they are getting

How a Life Coach Saved My Sanity

Sometimes when I look back on my marriage, I wish my husband had been cheating on me instead of cheating on me. That statement can be a little confusing… let

How To Tell Your Children About Divorce.

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for your children. No matter how old they are, the divorce will be hard for them to understand and eventually to accept. Some children in fact harbor hopes that their parents will get back together even after several years of living apart. Many children

The Secrets To Moving On

We all have been at a place where we feel paralyzed. We can’t move. We hyperventilate and feel like we are going to faint. Losing confidence is part of life and if you have not you might be a liar or were weaned on some magic medication. There seems to