10 Powerful Discovery Questions to Help You Move on to a New Self and Identity

10 Powerful Discovery Questions to Help You Move on to a New Self and Identity

10 Powerful Discovery Questions to Help Me Move on to a New Self and Identity

I’ve moved on?  Really?  Moved on to what?  Moved on to where?  How have you moved on?  What resources did you use to move on?  Where are you now from your “move on” point?

Moving on is seldom easy.  Sometimes we make the move on and to get out of a bad situation and for some of us we were moved on from by a partner who we believed would be part of our lives forever.  Being in the place of having moved on or being moved on from requires action.  To

“move” is a doing word.  The Latin base of the word is “Emovere” or emotion.  We move because we feel – fright, fight, pain, betrayal, loss, anger etc.  What have you moved on from?  What made you move on?

All these questions are important to reflect on and answer.  My full time focus and profession is helping people move on.  I do it by helping people use a process I created called Positive Forensics.  I help people discover the power to move on.  The way I do it is to help people discover their unique Talent DNA.  No one really moves in any direction or purpose until they know what they bring to the world.  That requires you to know who you are before you move on.  You can move but you will likely get to the same location you are now in unless you discover what your unique and distinct purpose is on this planet and in this journey called life.

Here are 10 discovery questions (DQ’s) that will help you begin the process of discovering who you are and focusing on the future:

Discovery Q 1 – Exceptionality

What have you done that is Exceptional?  Exceptional means above or better than average, or clearly superior.  When you look at the definition of a  ‘Talent’, could your Evidence be judged in at least the top 25% of all other participants?  What awards have you won?  What really good grades have you been given?  What speeds, measurements, weights, awards have you achieved that are better that the vast majority of your friends, peers or work associates?

Discovery Q 2 – Flow, In The Zone

Where have you experienced ‘Flow’, being ‘In the Zone or E’tat de Grace’. (State of Grace) Pleasure of God…Another word is “Joy”.   You have experienced ‘Flow’ at different times in your life and will likely recognize its characteristics:  You felt particularly: (1) strong, alert, (2) in effortless control, (3) a sense that you were performing at the peak of ability, (4) the sense of time and emotional problems seemed to disappear, (5) there was a sense that you were living the design for which you were made.

Discovery Q 3 – Impact

When we live and use our Talents, there is Evidence.  Talents make their mark and leave a deep imprint.  What have you done that has made a difference and a lasting imprint?  When you walk in the snow, you leave Evidence you were there.

Discovery Q 4 – Easily Repeated

What have you done that is really good that has been repeated consistently well?  Is there a history of repeated actions?  What have you done that is just natural to you?  It is just easy.

Discovery Q 5 – Peer Witness

What have you done that has been witnessed and recognized as exceptional by your friends, associates, school friends, team mates, etc?  Our friends are important in the helping us discover our Talents.  They see us on a regular basis and are able to see us perform over the long term, in a variety of situations, close up and they can best evaluate if we are better than they are.  Evidence based on what our friend’s see is very important.  

Discovery Q 6 – Expert Witness

What have you done that has been witnessed and recognized as exceptional by an Expert?  Is there a teacher, coach,manager who has seen you do something really well?  Can you think of ‘Experts’ who have made comments or statements about what you have done that made you come alive?  Others heard them say you were exceptional and had a bright future.  You still can quote verbatim what they said with a sense of pride.

Discovery Q 7 – Spontaneous Action 

What have you done that you were just really good the first time you tried it?  Was something that you just tried without anyone telling you to and you were really good?  There are some things that are just natural. 

Discovery Q 8 – My Choice, My Time

What do you do on your own time when you are not required to?  The choice of what you do with your spare time will show Evidence of your Talents.  When we are wired with a Unique Talent we will find ourselves not just using spare time to play or do but we will make time to enjoy our Talents.  

Discovery Q 9 – Positive Emotion

What do you do that produces Positive Emotion or makes you HAPPY!?  Experiencing the emotions of Thankfulness or Gratitude will shop what you are really good at.  You cannot use or use a Talent without feeling or expressing a sense of Thankfulness or Positive Emotion.  

Discovery Q 10 – Intuition or Gut Sense

There are times in our lives when we just ‘know’.  We have what is termed a ‘Gut Sense’.  It is not scientifically verifiable or really repeatable but there are times when great discoveries have been made because an investigator followed their ‘Gut Sense’.  They had an intuitive sense where to look for the Evidence or what the Evidence might feel or look like.  

Take time to ask yourself these questions regularly.  Ask friends and family to answer them for you as well.  

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  1. Thom Slade
    May 23, 12:13 Reply
    What a simple and refreshing way to look at who you are. Loved it. It is just a great starting point to set course to your new future. Highly recommend getting the book. Thom
    • Mark Demos
      May 23, 13:08 Reply
      Thanks Thom. Life can become what we envision it to be when we take the time to discover. Going through a crisis of major life change allows us to stop, look, discover and then go in the direction where we will reach a great life. When we simply go faster trying to find anything that will kill the pain for a short time, we get more lost and it takes longer for us to find the strength and focus to really discover an amazing life.
  2. Aundie Donohue
    May 23, 12:24 Reply
    Fantastic insight, Mark! Thank you for sharing this wonderfulness. These are really great questions and I feel that when I start asking myself, friends and family them, I will see a clearer path and great change!
    • Mark Demos
      May 23, 13:12 Reply
      The more information results in greater clarity for our journey.
  3. Wellandjoy
    August 24, 06:01 Reply
    For me it was making uncomfortable decision of going to live aroad, at that time it was going to be a two years move then i realize how much i needed that move, we love our family, friends and everything else around us, but as soon as you stand aside, out of the norm, you discover yourself and discover who you are as an individual, change is healthy not a failure.
  4. Mark Demos
    August 24, 08:43 Reply
    That is a great perspective Joy. Being in the thick of the battle or even the aftermath just prolongs the pain. Having to focus on a new environment, a new culture and finding ways to engage and thrive allowed you to move on. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective.
  5. janice2
    August 26, 21:28 Reply
    Great article. I've heard about so many people losing their own identity in a marriage that after divorce they have no idea who they truly are. These are truly excellent questions to getting back to really knowing you. I'm almost afraid to answer them they're so good.
  6. Kay
    June 23, 13:35 Reply
    What a wonderful article. I recently went through a divorce and had to rediscover who I had became. At first it was not easy. There were many months of meditation and self discovery. I definitely found myself asking a lot of questions. The questions in this article are very helpful and refreshing. They give you a good place to rebuild from!

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