10 Things To Make An Apartment Feel Like Home

10 Things To Make An Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving into new living space often comes with divorce territory.

Small touches make a big impact in a new apartment. 

If you’re moving from a house or larger multi-family living space, an apartment can easily feel like a cozy space you’re happy to call home. On a budget? No problem! With less than $1000 and some creative elbow grease, your apartment will become a comfy and warm dwelling.

Large Scale Mirror. Yes. A big one! A large scale mirror essentially doubles the size of the room visually. IKEA sells a selection for about $100. Hang it across from something you want to look at from more than one spot in the room. If you’re not sure about putting holes in the wall, leaning a large mirror adds style and interest. Add light to a dark space by reflecting light from the window. A large mirror will open up your space considerably.

Hang Drapes. Kick up the color a notch on those vanilla and gray walls with drapes on windows. Find a fun color or modern pattern to dress up windows. From Target to any number of online retailers, hanging a simple set of drapes is a quick and easy way to add class and a finished look to any room. Today’s drapery rods are simple to install, requiring a screwdriver, small drill, and a pencil. (If you don’t own these, buy them. You’re going to use them!)

The Mongstad mirror from IKEA for $99.

Large Scale Art. Blank walls look sad and lonely. Add large scale art to break up the sea of white, add color, and create a focal point in a room. One large piece gives a clean, sophisticated look to your new space. Large pieces of original art can be pricey, but they finish a room. And again, who wants to look at white walls? For a simple solution, buy a large 4×6 blank canvas at an arts and crafts store. Choose an accent color, and paint the entire canvas. Add a design element in black (Free hand if you’re talented or use a projector to paint an element of interest.) Hang your original artwork at a fraction of the pricetag.

Coffee Table with One Cool Element. Seating is just a place to sit without a coffee table. More than a place to set your cup of joe, a coffee table further defines a room’s style and functions as a table, desk, place to showcase something of interest to you. A scalable accessory adds impact, so a cool object on the coffee table goes a long way in creating the right feeling in your new space.

Books. Whether you’ve read them or not, books are an easy and inexpensive way to fill shelves. Head to the used bookstore and look for favorite classics, or just grab hardcovers in colors that complement your apartment color pallet. Stack or stand them on a mantel or shelf after a good dusting!

Add color and pattern with drapes from Wayfair for $17.99.

One Great Mattress. A good night’s rest is worth every penny. Invest in a high-quality mattress. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. The range and style of mattresses out there is all over the map. Try an online option like Casper.com! The options are endless when it comes to where you lay your head, so don’t settle for less than perfectly comfortable.

Neutral Linens with a Spot of Color. New sheets and linens feel amazing and make a bedroom. Selecting linens with neutral tones and a pop of color create a look of luxury. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you start and end each day. Make your decor….

Greens. An indoor tree or plant adds a trendy element to your space. Indoor plants give off oxygen, purify toxins in the air, and most require very little care. Low-light and weekly watering will keep most houseplants happy and thriving. Consider an aloe and use for scrapes and bug bites or a few succulents clustered together won’t mind sharing the same pot. Boston ferns give off the most oxygen and can live for 20-plus years! If you want to add a light fragrance, place a small jasmine or French lavender near a window. Even if you’ve got a black thumb, it’s hard to kill ivy or snake plant. Plants are a good way to start thinking about your own new roots.

Light. Lighting sets a mood in any space. A sleek floor lamp near your favorite chair or a side lamp on the ubiquitous bar between the kitchen and living areas soften the light in a room. The color of the light matters too! High efficiency bulbs often cast a blue tint, so check out the brightness and color before you make the 30-year commitment. Other options give off softer light with less energy, and your cozy room won’t feel like a laboratory.

Curl up with a book on this loveseat from World Market.

Cozy Spot. You live here after all, so don’t forget to create a space just for you. Whether it’s the place you drink your morning coffee or curl up late at night with the remote and a glass of wine, create a spot where you can hit the reset button for some down time and enjoy the amazing space of your new apartment.

Adding any of these ten elements will enhance your new space and transform a vanilla box into a space that feels like home. Share your before and after shots with our community!

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