Can I Get a Witness?!

by By Mark Demos
Can I have a witness?! If you have attended a Pentecostal church or an African American church… more

Life Under Construction

Does your life sometimes feel like a messy construction project? That’s why IMO was created! To help create, strengthen or repair your foundations build your support structure a roof to protect you …read more

Climb Aboard

by Thom Slade
We Are So Excited it’s almost here! No not Santa… The new IMO site launches this Friday…more

Up, Up and Away!

A Few Words from Thom I am very excited to announce our next major step in nurturing and helping our community grow. In the beginning IMO was born to help

Love. The end.

by Thom Slade
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” ― Christian Moulin Rouge …read more

Sometimes it takes…

You say that you want to move on, putting the divorce behind you and getting on with your life. You claim that you want to feel better, to stop crying