Serial Monogamy: Not The Breakfast of Champions

While you might not readily find this particular item inside of your favorite box of Fruity Loops, you will find it well within the lives of many of us single—or

What is a Bifurcation Divorce?

In many states, bifurcation of a divorce allows spouses to become legally divorced before the details have been finalized. A typical bifurcation case is one in which one spouse wants

The Yellow Brick Road

When relationships end through break up and/or divorce, home changes. You may be in the midst of the tornado hunkered down and frightened. You may be in the path of

Seven Things To Discuss With Your Partner Before Committing!

Seven things to discuss with your partner before committing! It’s simple to say “I Do” and make promises without the intention of keeping them in the heat of the moment. It’s

When I was your age..

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a parent compare their childhood experiences to their child’s and expect them to lower their expectations with the classic “