“I know what Love is”

“I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is” Well I thought I did. I thought it was a feeling.I thought that it made me feel complete when I was with that person and like a part was missing when they left.

The Baby Boomer Divorce Trend

I recently read an article that the divorce rate was on a slight decline from the generally accepted 50 percent rate. Although it is difficult to obtain completely accurate divorce statistics, as

I don’t see what you see!

We all try to avoid confronting other people or being confronted. We often see “confrontation” as a negative form of communication. When the word “confrontation” hits our mind, other words and…

Making Lemonade Out of Vodka

Life and mornings can take a u-turn real quick. Father Daughter Bonding With Drunk Drivers (Originally posted 8/6/14 - Don't skip my usual P.S. below!) The usual morning of juggling

One Small Commitment…One Big Payoff

There’s not really a playbook for single parenting. When I first started parenting solo, my number one thought was how do I make this as painless for my kids as

Tipping Point – Health Insurance Coverage for Former Spouses

Insurance Coverage for Former Spouses The following article comes from the following Source - Women, in particular, often lose health insurance coverage as a result of divorce. According to

Finding Direction

When you broke your glasses, Where are You Heading? In a snowstorm, at night without stars... Oh Life... Where for art  thou direction. Now before you picture Thom wandering aimlessly
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