New habits, new adventure!

Everyone gets into ruts of doing the same thing over and over. This Week, I encourage you to build healthy habits. There are many ways to mix things up, change

I Outsourced Shopping: Sometimes One Parent Just Isn’t Enough

This includes clothes shopping and a whole new level of opinionated. I loved shopping for my kids when they were tiny. Plaid button-downs and cords for the little man, and

Threats or Violence During a Divorce: What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

New York divorce proceedings, not to mention the agonizing months or years a marriage was in decline preceding the divorce, can bring out intense emotions between spouses. Anger, jealousy, blame

Star Gazing – Four Steps for Looking Up After Divorce

Before you ask, no this is not an article about catching up on TMZ... This is about reflecting or creating light and being your own positive star. After my divorce

Enjoy Your Self

by By Bobby de Ortega.

When was the last time you actually took some real time off? By this question I don’t simply mean the occasional break from work, chores, bores, obligations, etc…but real time off with and for your Self?

The Happiness Project… or the Single-parenting Hail Mary

I woke up this morning all good intentions and rainbows. Unfortunately, others under my roof didn't get the memo. At the kitchen table slumped two heaps of snoring blankets, not

Personal Choices and Inner Voices

Stress around dramatic life change often brings challenges to our closest interpersonal relationships. As we transition our lives into a new set of experiences, it's frequently the case that we

When to Divorce Your Divorce Attorney.

Dear Attorney, It’s time we had a talk. We need to go our separate ways. You don't answer my calls, you don't listen to my needs, you aren’t interested in
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