How to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Children

When you and your spouse decide it is time to end your marriage, you have to figure out when and how to tell your kids. It is hard to imagine

Wednesday’s Tipping Point – Moving Out, Or Who’s Moving On?

Join us every Wednesday to share and learn with experts and those who learned from the streets... or whilst in the trenches.   Wednesday's are no place for whining or  tactics for going

Divorce Decision Day One: 6 Realizations of a Survivor

Divorce Decision Day One:  6 Realizations of a Survivor Divorce? What the Hell Now? A friend called me this week looking for a suggestion on a lawyer. It made me

Motivational Monday

Get Motivated – “It’s time for new growth, plant new seeds, let your life become a beautiful harvest.”  Thom You can do this. Keep breathing and keep moving on. To

Time to Ditch the Waterwings – Apartment Living After Divorce

Is your pool half full or half empty? We can all agree that divorce sucks. No one wants to be here or go through this awful transition. But if you

Study Finds Children Benefit From Equal Time and Overnights With Both Parents

A study recently published in the American Psychology Association’s journal of Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, found children 2 years old and younger benefited from spending equal time and having overnights with

Toxic Relationships: Evaluate, Let Go, & Be Free

 When you're already struggling, double checking every move because of your anxious mind, the LAST thing you need in your life is a negative presence.  You know who I'm talking

Divorce, Money, and How [Much] to Insulate the Children

The Magic of a Winter Picnic One winter evening, when I was five, my mother announced we would be having a picnic for dinner. It was winter and dark outside,