Halloween Dating Can Be Scary!

Beware what hides beneath. Halloween is a great chance to hide behind a mask or at least act like your alter-ego for a few hours. But watch out for those

Motivational Monday

“Ex-orcise the ghosts of your past”. You can loose years of your life focusing on “what went wrong”, Instead focus on what is now going right and on the positive

Overcoming The Frenzy of Getting Back On Track

Freshly sharpened yellow pencils with assorted pens, neatly divided notebooks, four boxes of Kleenex, and my kids piled in the car on the first day of school two weeks ago.

Post Divorce: Dating the Same Type Over & Over Again

How many have parents who were happily married for 30, 40, 50 years? I'm guessing there a few. But there are probably many more who clearly remember loud yelling, the

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Planning in advance is not always an option when the divorce or breakup surfaces.  Often times it comes as a surprise to one spouse and leaves little time to formulate

Almost a ‘Do It Yourself’ Divorce

As a divorce attorney, I understand that the cost of a divorce can often be expensive. However, if someone cannot afford the full services of a divorce lawyer, there is

Home Alone

Surviving a "Life After Divorce" Experience Darkness Always Comes Before the Dawn Everyone remembers that first night. What's weird is when you were married a night alone seemed like a

Two Lifestyle Changes That Positively Impacted My Mental Health

Recently, I've made two lifestyle changes that have dramatically impacted my mental health in a positive way. I've been off of my anxiety meds for weeks. Typically, when I am