Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress



Love, trust and getting what you deserve…

However you define it, love it, hate it, run away from it, Love is in the air this month and “too be loved” is a core desire of all of us. But if you have ever been cheated by Love how do you learn to Love again, or “Trust” to Love again.

I’m thankful for my divorce and heartbreak…

And my great sense of humor Being a glass half full kind of guy can be as annoying as an excited puppy. No I don’t make a mess on the

Best Yoga Mat Reviews of 2017

It’s Saturday and time to get out there, get your game on and maybe try something new. If its Yoga… our friends at have some tips. Thom As an

Reinvention Time

I don't know about you, but when I found myself suddenly single, it rocked my world. My roles as mom, wife, and miracle worker with children defined my existence mostly

Tattoos and Life’s other Little Regerts…

“Under Pressure…” Sings Queen, Not that one. No definitely not. Last Thanksgiving I had a health scare. I woke up with a baby Elephant on my chest. This is not

Doing Divorce Right – Reese, Ryan and Kids

Congratulations to Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe for taking the high road when so many in Hollywood choose another path. These two are rising above resentment and vindictiveness for the

Filling Time and Space

Are you going through life punching life’s time lock? Filling each day with stuff and things as times sands flow away? Time to dig deeper and smell the coffee. Moment

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