10 Powerful Discovery Questions to Help You Move on to a New Self and Identity

10 Powerful Discovery Questions to Help Me Move on to a New Self and Identity I’ve moved on?  Really?  Moved on to what?  Moved on to where?  How have you

“Til Death (Or Divorce) Do Us Part”

Due to the diverse issues covered in a divorce case, divorce lawyers must have intimate knowledge of the statutes and cases governing not only family law, but also many other

Taking the Right Path?

Taking the Right Path? Stick to the "Right" path I have always had a love of forests. Now, you won’t catch me skipping along a path in a red hood

Motivational Monday

  Get Motivated – “Relentless Incrementalism – Keep hold of your dream of tomorrow and move small pebbles today.” It might feel like your moving at a snails pace, looking

Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress

Trying to relieve stress this weekend? Check out these yoga poses! Loosen up this weekend from our new member Positive Health Wellness with some great yoga poses you can try

Love, trust and getting what you deserve…

However you define it, love it, hate it, run away from it, Love is in the air this month and “too be loved” is a core desire of all of us. But if you have ever been cheated by Love how do you learn to Love again, or “Trust” to Love again.

I’m thankful for my divorce and heartbreak…

And my great sense of humor Being a glass half full kind of guy can be as annoying as an excited puppy. No I don’t make a mess on the

What is A Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce proceedings are never easy and almost always a difficult thing to go through because they can often drag on and extend needlessly. When both parties want to help speed