“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”

  “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt You can do this, continue on your journey towards moving on.  Consider joining our weekly Thursday email, which

Blind Dates Part 1 (maybe never, ever a Part 2)

I've Moved on... To Blind Dates After about a month of abuse from a very close friend that we'll call  "Sushiman," I finally gave in. I agreed to go on

Happiness Reminder

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present” -Jim Rohn You can do this, continue on your journey towards moving on. 

When Asking for Help is Hard

When I look at the calendar for my week, I approach it as a challenge to be conquered. Everyone will make it to everywhere as on time as possible with

Love Late

My mother met the love of her life when she was 86. A widow for 11 years, she spotted Harold, a retired doctor, standing alone at a bridge club. She

Valentine’s Day Divorce

Valentine’s Day has always been a holiday filled with cards, roses, and candies, but according to a recent article in The New York Post, divorce filings actually increase this time of year.

Accepting Unacceptable Behaviors

Escape Messy Behaviours A traumatic life changing event, such as divorce, is a time to reflect, start over, and refocus your attitude on positive behaviors and find the strength to

Motivational Monday

Get Motivated – “Love costs more than a card.” – Thom You can do this. Keep breathing and keep moving on. To help you on your journey consider joining our weekly

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