The “We Space”

The “we space” is what is created when two or more people are in a relationship. A couple has a different energy than each person on his own; a family has a

Set Backs and Do Overs

When I was little, I spent a week every summer at my grandparent's house. Accidents happen. And sometimes on-purposes happen. Pick up and start building again. This included the following

When it All Comes Down to the Blender: The Value of Personal Property in Divorce

Personal property, furnishings and personality are typically encompassed by the objects that reside in marital (and secondary) residences. Included in this group are furniture and tchotchkes, like that horrible thing

Love life or loving life?

Love Life Mum -  “How’s your love life?” Thom -  “I’m uncomfortable with this line of questioning.” Mum -  “Well it's been 7 years, I mean you’re not getting any younger.

Motivational Monday

Get Motivated – “Use every bump in the road as a rise to the challenge.”  Thom You can do this. Keep breathing and keep moving on. To help you on

Mindfulness and Mediation

In some spiritual practices, a bell sounds several times a day calling the observant to prayer. Like a mindfulness bell, it brings the devotee back to what is important: her

Managing Anger & Other Co-Parenting Challenges

Anger is a natural consequence of a relationship breakup or divorce. But not all anger is the same and it’s important to understand how anger is affecting not only your

Turn Your Struggles Into Something

Trying times bring out a lot in a person....the worst, the best, community, and even new ideas. Divorce for example can bring out the ugly for sure. But during these