Faking It–One Girl’s Way to Freedom

Numb Island. This place. The place where I am all cried out, after I’ve punched the pillow into submission and it has permanently surrendered. It. Is. Done. I realize I

When Can I End Spousal Maintenance Early?

Many divorces leave people with a variety of financial obligations including dividing property, splitting retirement benefits, assigning life insurance proceeds, spousal maintenance, and child support. Maintenance, better known as alimony, is

Who What When Why How

Who What ? Thanks to my old Grandmaster of sales, the “who, what when, where, why and how” questions were beaten into me for years. These simple starts to open

Motivational Monday

Get Motivated – “Don’t water the weeds in your life.” Thomism No.73 Going through and living past a divorce is hard. But, You can do this. Keep breathing and keep

It’s Not Always Physical- The effects of mental abuse and when to move on

  When most people think of an abusing partner, images of the battered, downtrodden housewife with a black eye and a busted lip usually come to mind. The truth is

Does Divorce Scar Children? Or…

Is it the parents? I sincerely feel it is not divorce per se that emotionally scars children. It is the parents approach to divorce that determines the positive or negative

Navigating the Rough Spots

You think you’re OK and something comes up… How do you handle it? Things you thought were settled are still there, and you thought they were done. Rough patches are

Wednesday’s Tipping Point- Separation vs. Divorce

QUESTION: My spouse and I are considering a separation, possibly a divorce. What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce? ANSWER: In your question, you have used three terms