Focusing on Your Past Destroys Your Future

When someone you love has betrayed you or hurt you in anyway, it’s hard to let it go. But if you love your partner and want to make your relationship

Love Late

My mother met the love of her life when she was 86. A widow for 11 years, she spotted Harold, a retired doctor, standing alone at a bridge club. She

The Personal and Financial Cost of Divorce

Ending a marriage is a monumental decision with significant fallout. In addition to the emotionally charged issues inherent in the martial dissolution process, money-related stress is top of mind for

Love, trust and getting what you deserve…

However you define it, love it, hate it, run away from it, Love is in the air this month and “too be loved” is a core desire of all of us. But if you have ever been cheated by Love how do you learn to Love again, or “Trust” to Love again.

When I Was Your Age… How Parents Make Comparisons with their Kids’ Experience

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a parent compare their childhood experiences to their child’s and expect them to lower their expectations with the classic “When

Why You Should Consider Counseling During Divorce

If it’s too late to save your marriage, it’s still not too late to save yourself. But you’re going to need help and divorce counseling might be a solution that serves you

The Best Summer Vacation I Didn’t Want to Take

For me, being strong and being vulnerable are the same thing. The first year post-divorce kinda reminds me of playing dodgeball while blindfolded–things come flying at you from out of