Overcome Your Fears

Overcome Your Fears

It’s a very curious question..

Have you ever stopped to think about what your fear means to you?

One of the common definitions is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat,” and I couldn’t disagree more with that notion.

Where some people think that fear is an emotion that’s caused by something truly horrific or scary, to overcome it you need a new angle and perspective on the matter. Instead of thinking fear is a reaction, consider it a roadblock or something that’ preventing you from capitalizing on the opportunity ahead.

We all consider fear to be something that’s natural, but what if we were to discard that belief and start thinking about fear as something to be overcome? A barrier that should be removed so that nothing is holding you back from living a successful and happy life that’s rewarding and fulfilling all at once!

If it seems like a strange and foreign way to approach fear, I felt the same way just a year ago when I decided to start my own business. This was the seed or the origins of my fear, which froze me and stopped me from realizing my own greatness once I allowed these fears to run unchecked.

I was scared operating my own business, as they say if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I feared that I wasn’t smart enough to make the right choices, I feared I wasn’t going to be able to build my business and moreover feared that I would fail.

These fears hounded me about and raised roadblocks in my path toward my own personal and financial happiness. It wasn’t until very recently that I realized that none of these fears were true at all. Today I type you to a free person, uninhibited by fear and empowered to be free from the mental shackles of being scared.

Fears come in all different sizes and forms, and chances are everyone deals with some sort of fear and anxiety many times a day. For some it may be paranoia or even confusion, for others it can be uncertainty or fear of the unknown.

The truth is, for most of us, fear is present on a regular basis, but the form that it chooses to present itself in is constantly changing. Maybe you experience anxiety, a deep nervousness, confusion, lack of motivation, uncertainty, or something unidentifiable deep within. When fear can take so many forms, it can be difficult to identify when you are truly scared of something, or being fearful.

Most people ask themselves, “How will I know if I am being fearful?” and to that I can simply answer in one way; Power.

Fear is power, or where fear exists so does the equal if not greater amount of power. Being able to realize this power and wield it is what separates truly successful and happy people from the others. In fact it’s one of the commonly accepted keys to success, turning your fear into power.

When you want to learn how to transform your inner fears into power, use these handy tips and practice them daily to develop your inner resistance. Remember that these tips are only good to you when you engage in them on a regular basis, and you practice and apply them in everyday life.

Positive reinforcement
Use positive thinking and self-talk to discover what the roots of your fears really are. Are they because you’ve failed in the past? Or you are too scared to fail on your own? Investigation and reflecting on these fears can help you trace where they originate from.

Once you know where they are coming from, you can put in the work to dispel these fears from your mind forever. Part of changing fear into power is realizing what makes you scared or nervous, and in short order changing yourself so that these fears no longer affect you.

Use positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself, to the point where you are doing it subconsciously. It may sound hokey but there’s no doubting the power of belief.

Consider your choices
If you are fearful of a decision or there’s a huge choice looming ahead, sit down and write out your thoughts and choices. Create a pros and cons list for every possibility, from taking action to ignoring it and see what the potential results may be.

Chances are you ‘ll find yourself liking the “taking action” column, because things rarely come to those who wait.

Do it
Now that you’ve considered all the options, now is the time when you must act on the choice ahead and push aside your fear. Once you’ve done this a few times, this will become easier and with greater result as time passes.

It’s not easy to do but once you’ve taken your fear and turned it into power, you just might surprise yourself with how easy it quickly becomes.

Whenever you ‘ve successfully transformed your fear into power, it’s never a bad idea to celebrate. You’ve taken a huge step towards changing and bettering your life, and it’s a choice you won’t regret. By allowing yourself a small reward, you can better realize how to overcome your fears the next time they arise.

It’s a victory for you ( no matter how small or large the issue is ) and it’s one you shouldn’t take lightly. Reward yourself and you’ll see how much more better life gets when you can overcome your fears and boost you self-confidence.

Haunted house anyone?


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  1. Thom Slade
    October 10, 16:50 Reply
    Great Article. Thanks JenP for taking the fear about being scared. Is this a process that you find yourself repeating weekly, monthly etc when you reach new trials in your business growth? Thom
  2. Amy
    October 17, 22:55 Reply
    Wow. This article really spoke to me. I had so many fears surrounding my divorce. I decided to take the opportunity to start up my own business (gulp). I went way out on a limb knowing full well, if I didn't do it now, I probably never would. As a result, some amazing things lined up for me and I've become an amazing person as a result. It was so worth disregarding my fear and trusting in the big picture and that I was ultimately being looked after and rooted on from forces unseen.
  3. Chris
    January 19, 14:33 Reply
    Fear of failure is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. It's what's keeping me in a tedious line of work that makes me unhappy, and prevents me from going after what I'm truly passionate about. Overcoming it is a necessity, but it's also a struggle. But it can definitely be done, and I'm glad that there are people like you who are perfect examples of that. I hope it's something that I'll be able to overcome, and if I do, you can be sure that I'll celebrate :).

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