Cyber Monday- Heal Through Humor

Cyber Monday- Heal Through Humor

Have a friend or family member experiencing a tough heartbreak? Send them something that will brighten their day with laughter. Also, don’t forget to check out our shop. Free shipping this week.

  • A collection of four delicious gourmet ice cream flavors
  • Flavors: Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chip
  • Each pint/flavor is named with a special Break Up title
  • Flavor Titles: “Tubs of Hugs” “Breakup Rx” “Love Bites” “Single is Sweeter”
  • Frozen products are shipped 2nd Day in a reusable cooler to assure they arrive frozen

Suitable for everyone, think personalize-able punching bag. Take a swing or invite friends to throw a jab on your behalf.

  • Punch Your Ex in the Face!
  • GREAT for relieving tension or for parties!
  • Just add your own photo of your Ex!
  • 5 FEET Tall!

For the Ladies

Personalize a gift basket for a girlfriend who needs some encouragement to realize she’s better off without him! Check out these items and check the box of tissues already!

  • Who doesn’t love wine and coloring? Get those creative juices going with this affirming coloring book. Armed with freshly sharpened colored pencils and a favorite glass of vino, this pass time is much cheaper than therapy.
  • While you’re at it, check out these titles. It never hurts to remind yourself or a friend that there are better things down the road ahead and that she deserves better.
  • Also a not-so-subtle reminder with a dash of humor that revenge should only go so far…..keep it legal, ladies! (No car keying!)

Not to worry, guys!

We know there are some ladies out there who’ve done you wrong as well. Consider these items on your Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping list. Need a shoulder to cry on? We think we’ve found something better. Check out the pillow below as we think it might provide some much needed consoling while taking on some light reading of an insightful read, such as this one. We also threw in the perfect shirt. You’re welcome.

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