A Formula For Success

A Formula For Success

History gives us a focus and pathway for future success. The greatest determinant for future success is the analysis of past

success – but not so much the bad stuff as the good stuff.

One of the greatest discoveries I have ever been involved in was while I was doing a goal-setting seminar for the Pro Sports Club. The Pro Club is a five-star facility situated in close proximity to Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. It had developed many innovative programs for health and weight management. The founder was a famous physician, Dr. Mark DeDomenico, one of the pioneers of coronary bypass surgery.

Many of Pro Club’s approximately 35,000 members are Microsoft employees. Microsoft pays a large percentage of their membership and enrollment fees to encourage good health and retain great talent. This is a substantial perk.

Mary Walker, one of the owners, asked me to come in and do a goal-setting series to help the management staff get ready for the New Year. When we got to the goals part of the training, I decided to use a simple format, I had called, “Repeat—Delete.” It was a very basic concept, but since we were near Microsoft, I thought a computer analogy would translate well.


The concept is this: The best way to look forward, set goals and create a better future – is:

  1. REPEAT—Perform an AoA (Analysis of Asset) on the past year.
    1. What is it that worked?
    2. What is it that grew?
    3. What produced positive results?
    4. Where did you make gains?
    5. Which people made your life and journey better?
    6. What habits brought greater stability to your life?
    7. Which websites gave you information that helped you become more productive?
    8. What groups did you attend that you felt at home in and walked out a better person?

Whatever it is that worked this past year needs to be identified, analyzed, and then used to build a plan. The goal should be to REPEAT the positive.

What is obvious is that if you have already done something, it means you can do it again. You have the ability.

Individual goals should be crafted around specific elements of the successes of the past year. Building on success seems to be a novel concept, but it is the most logical, sensible way I know to create a future that is better than the year before.   The more you fill your life with what worked, the less time and space there is for the bad stuff that took from and drained our energy and resources.

MAKE A LIST – post the list and read it over and over and over again, and share your list with three close friends!


  1. DELETE — It is also somewhat important to look at those things you failed at or consistently didn’t perform well and or repetitive failures: bad relationships, ineffective parenting, dumb moral decisions, destructive habits and so on. You need to delete from your life. This sounds simplistic and almost as productive as the “JUST SAY NO” to drugs that failed famously. There are a few simple but very powerful reasons I suggest this approach.
    1. The more you do of what is “positively repeatable” the less space and time you have in your life to do the bad stuff.
    2. The reason we repeat bad habits, relationships etc is that we want to stop, and we do for a short time, but there exists a vacuum. That vacuum must be filled and we normally go back to what we know and is easy. When we pre-empt the negative and bad stuff with the positive and good stuff, we are kicking it out the back door. We are in control and we are asserting our personal power to live better.
    3. What we focus on is what we normally end up getting. If all we want to do is– NOT DO, we end up doing it. The focus of our minds and intentions attract like a magnet. So identify and DELETE and don’t dissect, mull over and over again in your mind, beat yourself up, bemoan the wasted time and energy etc. Identify and DELETE!

MAKE A LIST – send it to the TRASH!!!!

History is never boring when done right and will result in 2016 being a year of Purpose, Passion and Performance!


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  1. Aundie Donohue
    January 01, 14:24 Reply
    Thank you for this article Mark! It's nothing short of divine timing as I sit down to ponder my resolutions. Thank you for sharing this bit of information and experience with the community; it's invaluable.
  2. Thom Slade
    January 01, 15:10 Reply
    Great Article and advise that is easy to get done. I always over complicate and I love the simplicity if this. Just stinks when one side longer than the other. But on the bright side ill be a lot lighter. Thom
  3. Jesse Yusufu
    January 12, 15:39 Reply
    Thanks Mark Demos. Another lesson learnt today. Recently I had to delete some people who not only waste my time but they also do not add any value to my life. I have also streamline my friends to only those who we share same values in life.

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