A Peaceful Way to Confront Someone

A Peaceful Way to Confront Someone

People have that common misconception that in order for them to achieve a completely peaceful life, then they are compelled to stay away from any conflict. These may include staying away from any possible confrontation even if you are not giving yourself the chance to stand up for the things you believe that will

Assess Your Self

The first battle will not happen with the person that you want to confront but with yourself. How do you look at conflict? Do you often regard to it as a negative term or as a way to fix a misunderstanding? If there is a tendency that you commonly look at it as an incident that will result in frustration and regret, then you will probably just ignore it. But think about it, in the event that someone is constantly berating out of line, will you just let them affect you?

To Tell or Not To Tell About Yours Feeling

In the event that we ignore the conflict, we created a relationship that only revolves around how we are affected by the conflict. We will then look for some instances that serve as an evidence that will justify that story. This is where miscommunication will arise as there is a possibility that we may misinterpret their action just to support our beliefs. Telling people about what we feel may or may not work. They may probably acknowledge our feeling. But the probability that they will come in defense is a lot higher. They will tell you that they do not have the tendency to make you feel that way, and they will only feel bad about it.

Tell Your Needs

One of the most peaceful options in addressing the conflict would be to tell the person what you need. In the event that you can’t tell the person about what you need, then most probably there is an internal conflict going on. Sharing your needs may lead to sharing of feeling. This way, the confrontation has a possibility to turn into a conversation.

When addressing the conflict, it is not always necessary to voice out your opinion. In the event that you do not receive the things you need, or there is an ongoing conflict, you may need to step back from this relationship. You need to find what you need rather than focusing on the negative attributes of the person. It will make things easier for you especially if you tend to follow their remarks with a positive attitude.


-Rachel N. (the peacemaker)

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