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Ask Thom

Dear Thom,

Hello, Can you give me any recommendation, or maybe motivational readings on how to forget someone you love, but he doesn’t loves you back?




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  1. Thom Slade
    June 04, 22:00 Reply
    Have definitely felt your pain. I spent months pouring over books or looking for some magical answer to get rid of the pain of lost love. In my own personal journey the only book I found that gave me personally peace and guidance was my bible. And that is where I found myself. Learning to forgive others and learning to love who God made me. That journey also brought me here. Expressing or writing down ones feeling is a very pure form of moving on. Writing your story to yourself or others helps understands the process and also gives you a place to reflect back and see how far you have come. In a couple weeks we are launching our third generation super site and app. The new site will give you the ability to log your own personal journey. You can create your own mystery identity or be yourself. But I can guarantee it helps to share. IMO will also launch a book in 90 days that covers the process of mental and physical separation from a lost love. So for now and to cheer you up read “Get Over It” By Connie Mucha. It’s a visual and funny discretion of lost love and working out how long it takes to get over it.

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