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Dear Thom,

I was reading the post about struggling to move on (which I’m facing right now!) and wanted to see about resources to help with moving on. I’d appreciate any thoughts you have!



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  1. Thom Slade
    June 14, 14:35 Reply
    Coming Soon!... And not to a cinema near you, but here at IMO. Stay tuned for a new and improved site that launches early July. The goal of the updated site is to finally get to our open community stage, where you can ask your question to the world and get open feedback and direction from people that have been where you are. We will also be launching a number of exciting programs and books to help moveon this fall. So I would like you to personally invite you to join, ( ) write about your journey, and share your story. Why? Because there is something freeing about journaling. To put down your feelings and thoughts today, will help you better see how far you have come tomorrow. Thom

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