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Aundie comes to IMO from a career grounded by fashion and design. "My enthusiasm for this work started when I studied fashion in the Lone Star State and later in Paris— the City of Lights". Aundie is a wardrobe stylist, clothing designer, eBay entrepreneur and project manager with Mary Kay, JC Penny, Neiman Marcus, Elle Magazine , Blue October to name a few.

Chores can be family fun!

by Aundie Donohue
Chores never seem to be the favorable thing to do. This weekend turn that around and make getting chores done …read more

Enjoy The Holidays As A Single Parent

The holidays for most people are a time of joy and festivities; a time to celebrate a special holiday with one’s family…more

Unhealthy Food Cravings: What are the Causes and How to Stop Them?

We have all been in a situation wherein we have initially committed to a healthier and fitter lifestyle, such as through promising to have better eating habits. We try to

Getting ready for the weekend… Cleaning out the Garage!!

Cleaning out the Garage.... Is a great weekend activity and way to start moving forward, clear mental clutter by creating your new space and the perfect activity for a sense

Motivational Monday

Divorce is not fun. It can feel like you’re a punching bag, going round after round taking shots from Mike Tyson. Understand… there is a limit, and after 12 rounds

Child Custody Holiday Schedule

Creating a child custody schedule is not an easy task. When going through a divorce, you should be putting a lot of thought into the custody of your child and what would be in your child’s best interest…

Food For the Soul

I always find it inspiring to pick up a book and be taken away to another world through words. Every time I get lost in a book I find a

Motivational Monday

Get Motivated – “Cold weather drives the necessity to seek warmth”  Thom… Or whatever your excuse maybe, cuddles are healing just make sure they are with kittens and not alligators.