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Moving, selling, buying? Five Tips When Making a Move.

Moving, selling, buying, renting after divorce? It all can inspire excitement or dread depending on where you are in the process. If you're moving on from a failed relationship, or

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We’d like to be able to share a wider range of each other’s experiences during and beyond break up. Life has a funny way of presenting us with many personal ups and downs that—in the moment—may not seem beneficial to our life experience, but through greater perspective and wisdom reveal tremendous opportunities for personal growth… – Sell or Find Your New Home is visited by over 14 million consumers each month to search nearly four million properties for sale or rent, to locate real estate agents in their area, and – Find an apartment with all the comforts of home. is a recommended Partner of

Tipping Point – Health Insurance Coverage for Former Spouses

Insurance Coverage for Former Spouses The following article comes from the following Source - Women, in particular, often lose health insurance coverage as a result of divorce. According to

A better way to manage child support.  Eliminate child support conflict and enjoy transparency while saving time and money. Spend less time managing child support and more time raising happy,

Dear Thom,

Dear Thom, I have never had a long-term relationship. My friends and family kept calling me out for it. I was looking to online dating (how I found your site)