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Uncharted – A Journey from The End to a New Beginning -Book Release

  Divorce changes everything. If you find yourself feeling lost following a divorce, the latest resource from is just the book for you. Not just another memoir, Uncharted lays

Focusing on Your Past Destroys Your Future

When someone you love has betrayed you or hurt you in anyway, it’s hard to let it go. But if you love your partner and want to make your relationship

The Personal and Financial Cost of Divorce

Ending a marriage is a monumental decision with significant fallout. In addition to the emotionally charged issues inherent in the martial dissolution process, money-related stress is top of mind for

Why You Should Consider Counseling During Divorce

If it’s too late to save your marriage, it’s still not too late to save yourself. But you’re going to need help and divorce counseling might be a solution that serves you

How to Hire the Right Lawyer or Legal Advisor

There will probably come a time in your life when you will need or want to seek legal advice or services. One of the first questions you may ask yourself

Change After Divorce Can Really Be a Second Chance

By: Pat Bubash A decision regarding change, even when of our own choosing, can be difficult. Moving to new city, beginning a new job, transferring to a different school, all

The Importance Of Spending Time Alone

I happen to think that it’s very healthy to spend time alone. After divorce, you need to learn how to be alone and that you’re not defined by another person.While

How a Life Coach Saved My Sanity

Sometimes when I look back on my marriage, I wish my husband had been cheating on me instead of cheating on me. That statement can be a little confusing… let