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The Handover Book

Leigh Moriarty and Ashley Palmer  A little less than a year ago, myself and my colleague Ashley Palmer created and published the first ever Handover Book which is a communication tool

5 Single Parent Strategies for Communicating with your Child’s Other Parent

London-based Jennifer Broadley has been a successful single parent for many years. She offers some valuable thoughts about how best to communicate with your child's other parent. While some of

Post Divorce Name Change Q&A

If you’ve recently gone through—or are in the process of—divorce the question as to the future of your current last name may have popped into mind.

Stay Healthy After Divorce

  How to Stay Healthier During and After Divorce.. The hectic routines we have is one of the main factors that is badly affecting marriages. While up to 40 percent

How to Hire the Right Lawyer or Legal Advisor

  There will probably come a time in your life when you will need or want to seek legal advice or services. One of the first questions you may ask

Cohabitation and Children

 In August, the National Marriage Foundation released a contentious study suggesting that cohabiting couples pose a grave threat to the welfare of children. The practice of an unmarried adult couple living together

10 Questions Kids Have About Divorce – and How to Answer Them

If you’re a mother and considering/going through a divorce, this topic ranks right up there on the most dreaded conversations to have. “How to tell the kids” is bad, but

Single Parenting Resources

Single parenting can leave you needing some guidance. There are lots of books and tidbits to help make for a positive single parenting environment. We have put together a list of what you might need to succeed when you find yourself in a single parenting rut for you and your children.