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My specialty is using Forensic Psychology integrated with Positive Psychology. It is a completely new concept that we’ve trademarked as Positive Forensics. Unlike the type of forensics that most people are used to (criminal forensics), I use forensics to discover the evidence that supports your talents and strengths. Unlike traditional therapy, which I subscribed to for 15 years, working with Positive Forensics has had a tremendous impact on my professional work with my clients. Using this proprietary process has increased the effectiveness of therapy and shortened the length of time of therapy by more than 50%. Call or Email Krisandra Parsons for a free phone consultation now or call (214) 307-8459.

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Krisandra Parsons: Counselor, MS, LPC

I enjoy working with clients who are ready to get results–fast. I give clients clarity into who they are and what they possess so they can…more