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Michael C. Craven is a well-known divorce attorney in Chicago, CPA and a partner of the law firm, Harrison & Held, LLP, located in the Chicago area. He is highly respected among other divorce attorneys, judges and his clients. He also holds a Master of Tax Law Degree (LLM). For more information about his services, contact Michael at or at Divorce Lawyers Chicago.

How to Get Through a Contentious Divorce

Going through a divorce is a difficult process. From making the decision to move forward to heading into court, there are many stops on the long road to the dissolution of

When Can I End Spousal Maintenance Early?

Many divorces leave people with a variety of financial obligations including dividing property, splitting retirement benefits, assigning life insurance proceeds, spousal maintenance, and child support. Maintenance, better known as alimony, is

A Therapist’s Divorce Advice, Part 1

Divorce Advice from a Therapist I’d like to welcome Dr. Cassandra Friedman, a therapist who helps people going through divorce channel their sadness and anger into something productive, and also

What is a Prove-Up Hearing?

How a Prove-Up Affects Your Divorce Divorces can go many different directions. Obviously, some divorces are going to be very contentious, akin to how the media likes to portray them.

Paying for College when Parents are Divorced

As the father of two children who have recently graduated college, I know first-hand how difficult the entire college admissions process is on the family. It is stressful for both

Should I Include my New Partner in my Parenting Time?

After a divorce, it is natural to want to date again. Many of us go on to do just that in the months and years following our divorces. It is also

Communicate with Care During a Divorce-The Written Word is Forever

During a divorce, communications with your spouse may get heated or even ugly.  It has been my experience as a Chicago divorce attorney that most litigants benefit from utilizing guidelines

Is Divorce Looming? – Three Tips from a Divorce Lawyer

1. Talk to a Divorce Attorney It is incredibly important you know your legal rights. Every situation is different, and you will need an experienced divorce lawyer to advise you