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As a professional divorce mediator and family law attorney in NJ, Rachel Alexander is a mediator first and attorney second. Before any of that, she is a person, of course, and one who has experienced divorce and its inherent losses and disruptions first hand. Alexander Mediation Group is dedicated to mediation as the most effective way to resolve conflicts and create futures of integrity.

Why NOT to Retell the War Stories of Your Marriage

{4 minutes to read}  For your own peace of mind and happiness, when it comes to divorce, don’t get too attached to your story. While once believed to be therapeutically

Should Squirrels Have the Right of Way?

{6 minutes to read}  A friend of mine told me a little story about a woman he knew who had asked him why deer never cross at the places labeled “deer

Your Rights — Going Fast! Part 3

{3 minutes to read} “In heaven we have justice. Here on earth, we have law.” So said my Torts Professor, and so it seems indicated by the case we continue

Divorce, Money, and How [Much] to Insulate the Children

One winter evening, when I was five, my mother announced we would be having a picnic for dinner. It was winter and dark outside, so I was dubious. She was

Freedom From the Tyranny of Things

{5 minutes to read} The other night, I saw a movie called Minimalism, and as I sorted through the thousands of unnecessary items in my life, I tuned in to

Mindfulness and “Self-in-Presence”: A Tool for Divorce Mediation?

How do we get present? Practice, practice, practice! And, softly, softly, softly. One suggestion: set an alarm on your smartphone to sound a gentle tone several times during the day. When you hear it,

It’s Time for Another Paradigm Shift

We don’t necessarily need victims in order to be heroes. In divorce, it’s quite typical to feel victimized, even to be victimized, and yet there is still the opportunity to dig in

Does Your Attorney Fit Your Particular Genotype? Part I

Lawyers are like organs. They come in all shapes and sizes and have a purpose. However, every organ isn’t a match for every person’s body system, blood type, and so