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Enjoy Your Self

by By Bobby de Ortega.

When was the last time you actually took some real time off? By this question I don’t simply mean the occasional break from work, chores, bores, obligations, etc…but real time off with and for your Self?

Podcast_ep002: PVDS

Post Valentine’s Day Syndrome: A very happy day to you all. Thank you for stopping by and checking-in to our latest podCast. In this episode, Thom, Mr. Trout, Aundie, and

Show Courage. Get Courage.

Hidden behind every story lies another story, one of deeper meaning and of greater significance for those with “eyes willing to see,” and “ears willing to…more

Podcast_ep006: TruckFace and Non-Attachment

Our Sixth Episode OMG…how time has flown for us over here at IMO. Here’s episode #6 of our podCast featuring topics such as the man also known as TruckFace, desire,

Serial Monogamy: Not The Breakfast of Champions

While you might not readily find this particular item inside of your favorite box of Fruity Loops, you will find it well within the lives of many of us single—or

Podcast_ep003: On Parenting

Our Third Episode Join Thom, Mr. Trout, and myself as we discuss the topic of parenting from the perspective of two parents and one non-parent. Needless to say, there’s plenty

Podcast ep 005: DNA Success Code

Episode Number Five – In this installment of the podcast the IMO team talks with Mark Demos and Krisandra Parsons about Flow, personal aptitude, and cultivating our best attributes

To Love

Dear  Love, Thank you for all. Were it not for you I would not be here. How fortunate I am that we have met, despite not always seeing, recognizing, or

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