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Navigating the Rough Spots

You think you’re OK and something comes up… How do you handle it? Things you thought were settled are still there, and you thought they were done. Rough patches are

Loving Yourself Benefits Those You Love

The Serenity Prayer: God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Mapping a Course with Positive Influences

I love being outdoors! Take my phone, watch, and everything else with a plug and replace it with a trail map, my backpack, and set me loose in the mountains

Single Parent Panic Attacks: When Overwhelming Moments Overwhelm

Bad Dog... As a single parent, I feel overwhelmed about as often as I take out the trash. I'm not a fan either because I'd like to think that after

Recovering from Divorce and Overcoming Fears

Twenty-something years ago, I bought the greatest pair of heather gray sweatpants. They were perfect for the grocery store, road trips, yoga class, nearly everything! Think the LBD of uber

A Kinder Gentler New Year

I am really good at a number of things. And I really suck at lot of other things. Ironing. Driving go-Karts. OK driving period. Elapsed time awareness. Telling way too

When You’ve Figured It Out: Dropping the Mike.

What feels like a lifetime ago, I had the benefit of listening to someone much wiser than I was at that time tell me her experience in the places I

Stupid Mistakes and Other Horrible Decisions

At some point, the rawness in the months after the ink dries on the divorce papers, well-meaning people suggested that I start thinking about getting back out there, finding someone