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Ghost Stories of Relationships Past

No one wants to take a cruise on a haunted ship. Ghosts of Relationships Past will haunt future relationships, unless you decide to stop running from the things you are

Owning It

Ownership. When you own something, it's yours. No sharing, no interest, no back-up if something breaks. Good, bad, easy, or difficult-- whatever you own, it is yours. I've been mulling

The Effects of Divorce at Work

Most of my friends who experienced divorce can’t remember much about what they did at work that year. One blurred walk into the office, locate coffee pot, go to desk,

Parenting Kids with Disabilities after Divorce

I have a child with a disability. It is something he was born with, and he will deal with it for the rest of his life. It means he struggles


Speechlessness. It’s a place I don’t often find myself. I can usually come up with words to fill a space, whether it’s a blank page, a random conversation, a hard

Things I Did Right

It went down something like this… “The guy you married never really existed.” Very long far-more-complicated story short, those words from my now ex-husband hung in the air for as

Dealing with the Island of Despair

Desolate. Quiet. Too quiet. One miserable emotional ghost town where nothing good takes place except getting the hell out of there. The Isle of Despair. I hate that place and

Faking It–One Girl’s Way to Freedom

Numb Island. This place. The place where I am all cried out, after I’ve punched the pillow into submission and it has permanently surrendered. It. Is. Done. I realize I