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Operation Collaboration: Co-parenting for College

I have heard so many parents say, “Once the kids are in high school it goes so fast.” They are so right. When I started out on my single-parenting journey,

The Best Summer Vacation I Didn’t Want to Take

For me, being strong and being vulnerable are the same thing. The first year post-divorce kinda reminds me of playing dodgeball while blindfolded–things come flying at you from out of

Seeing the Glass-Half Full When your Ex Moves On…

It’s bound to happen. In my case, it happened much sooner than I expected. When my ex-husband brought our kids home on Christmas, I had spent the morning arranging their

The Other D Word

I kind of promised, so here it is. My two cents on the other  D-word. Dating. I wasn’t crazy about dating the first time around, mostly because in my early twenties

Creative Diversionary Tactics…

Do you ever make a decision to solve one problem and find a completely different solution once you start down that path? (OK, this situation might qualify for the Also

Building Community

I’m not a fan of sad stories unless they come with happily-ever-after type endings. (I’ll make this quick, because it’s not the important part.) A lifetime ago, I didn’t think

If These Pants Could Talk…

Twenty-something years ago, I bought the greatest pair of heather gray sweatpants. They were perfect for the grocery store, road trips, yoga class, nearly everything! Think the LBD of uber

Ghost Stories of Relationships Past

No one wants to take a cruise on a haunted ship. Ghosts of Relationships Past will haunt future relationships, unless you decide to stop running from the things you are