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Yoga instructor just healing this broken heart of mine. Is there a pose for that?

The Importance of Planning and Being Flexible



They stop you…

Dead in your tracks... Babies and... Critical Thoughts Like tiny knives, they slash at your happiness. In public, you feign confidence. You can easily squish down your critical thoughts. You

Signs You’re Ready For a Healthy Relationship

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide when you are ready for a healthy relationship, especially after you’ve just come out of a breakup. You don’t want to rush into things and certainly don’t want to shortchange your next possible relationship by rushing into a rebound situation.

Bounce Back When Things Go Wrong

There are many obstacles you will encounter on the road of life, and sometimes these speed bumps can seem like a mountain. Everyone has had those days where everything seems

Tis’ The Season To Forgive

Forgiveness is not always easily to give, but it is something that most people deserve. You can’t earn forgiveness, but most people do deserve a second chance and…more

How to Talk to Someone Going Through Divorce

Nothing can be as heartbreaking as seeing someone you care about go through a divorce. It is a life changing event and results in the person going through a grieving

Build Confidence after a Divorce

Divorce can make even the most self-assured people become full of uncertainty about them. It is able to make us question everything about ourselves. After a divorce, you are forced

Enforcing Parenting Plans After Divorce

One of the hardest things that you can go through involves custody issues related to divorce. Divorce can be difficult on all parties  involved, but especially the children that are
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