Avoid Resentment

Avoid Resentment

Resentment is a feeling of displeasure when one is hurt by people surrounding us. Resentment is

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nothing new in anybody’s life, we all have felt bad for one thing or another. We live in a multitasking and time sharing fast paced world. We are just not together with people but numerous application and devices. As humans, we are bound to expect good from everybody and everything. Many times this wish is not granted. When people don’t behave according to our expectation we start feeling bad about that person and resentment sinks in. Real problems start after that when we keep moving our thought in a loop and the level of our resentment increases. It is very common between spouses as well as in work place among peer groups etc. We can never change people surrounding us but we can definitely change our behavior pattern and avoid resentment. If you want to learn how to let go resentment, keep reading:

  1. Talk about the problem – If you have bad feelings and some resentment from someone close to you like spouse, parents, or friends talk about the issue. It is your responsibility to tell about your pain to the concerned person. When we share innermost feelings and insecurity releases the bad emotion and help us let go the resentments.
  2. Learn about why – When someone tells you bad things or gets angry on you, try to ask yourself why he or she did so. We are so engrossed in what has happened so much that we forget to find about why it happened. Is it habit for someone to offend or is there is a strong reason behind it? You may also ask the person about the reason and try to work on it.
  3. Forgive and forget – practice forgiveness as it requires the bad emotion to release and help you feel happy. If forgiving someone is difficult, try to forget about the issue by keeping yourself busy as much as possible.
  4. Be positive, Get Positive — as the saying goes “Everything happens for a good reason.” Believe in this philosophy and try to be positive. Never keep on thinking the negative points about a person or situations but keep yourself cheerful by looking at the brighter side of things. Your positive outlook towards life will definitely bring positive experiences to you.
  5. Communicate – try to be communicative when in bad mood. Be in the company of people you enjoy most or do things you like most and with time the resentment fades away.
  6. Do Good, Receive Good – Generally we know that positive and negative attracts which is true in many cases like physics and science. But in life positive thing attracts positive people and negative people enjoy the negativity most. So involve yourself in good deeds and do only good things to others. In return you will get good things in life.

Learn to say No – When you don’t like someone or something let them know about your view honestly. It helps people setting up respectable boundary and having a cordial relationship, and hence help us prevent resentment in our relationships

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