Avoiding Insurance Revenge While Your Divorce Is Pending

Avoiding Insurance Revenge While Your Divorce Is Pending

Insurance revenge? Did you even know that such a thing existed? In a divorce, emotions run high. Too often, spouses do things to hurt one another. One of the best-known examples is draining a bank account. However, spouses can exploit their close relationship to hurt each other in insurance matters. When they do, this insurance revenge can lead to significant property damage and financial loss.

Consider this case of homeowner’s insurance revenge, reported by insure.com. After the husband moved out of the house, he allegedly placed a nail in a water pipe in the wife’s basement. One week later, the water pressure caused significant water damage. Even worse, the couple had submitted a prior claim for water damage just a few years earlier.

The wife was never able to prove that her ex was the person who put the nail there; however, she alleged that no one else had a key to the house and knew the code to her security system. As a result of this incident, the wife suffered from property damage, and her insurance was canceled.

Here is another example. Imagine that your soon-to-be-ex cancels your family’s health insurance coverage without telling you. When you take your child to the doctor, you learn that your son is no longer covered. Sure, your ex may be held in contempt of court for violating New York’s automatic orders or ultimately be responsible for paying the medical bills, but in the meantime, you are stuck paying the cost of the visit and necessary treatment.

You can avoid some of these consequences by limiting access to your property. Rekey your doors and change the code to your security system. Take possession of all keys to your cars and storage buildings.

The other smart thing you can do is to consult with an experienced New York family lawyer. Your lawyer may suggest that you put your insurance companies on formal notice of pending divorce proceedings. This is a legal determination that is tailored to each specific case.

At Clement Law, we provide you with experienced, effective representation in your divorce and family law matters. We guide our clients through divorce and help them achieve results that protect their family, and their family’s future, after the divorce.

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