Become the Strongest Version of Yourself… For Free!

Become the Strongest Version of Yourself… For Free!

In the season of change, keeping yourself busy and distracted with healthy outlets can have an extremely positive outcome in your life. Physical activity not only has an impact externally, but more importantly – internally. It has been proven many different times that burning endorphins through exercise can help lessen stress from anxiety and improve your overall mental health.

There is numerous ways to get active, but why not make it fun by trying something different?! A new workout class can be daunting from it’s unfamiliarity and prices, but I am here to tell you there are so many options for newbies to try… for free! Whether you go by yourself or gather a group of friends, you will be shocked by how fun and exciting a new class can be. I recently moved back to the Dallas area, and I spent the first 2-3 months doing this. The majority of the classes I tried have locations nationwide, so this can be applicable for many different cities.

My favorites:

  • CorePower Yoga: Variety of different classes, my personal favorite is Yoga Sculpt – heated yoga with weights and cardio incorporated. They also have C1 and C2 heated basic yoga, as well as Hot Power Fusion classes. If you are new to the studio, you get your first week free!
  • Orangetheory: Get a great sweat in with this class! Combination of treadmills, rowing, and strength training. Your first class is free!
  • Pure Barre: Low impact workout, with small movements that make a huge difference! I did these classes for about 6 months and saw a huge improvement in my strength. First week free for new clients depending on the studio, but all locations I looked at had this offer!
  • Title Boxing: Great cardio session with strength training, not to mention the self-defense benefits. First class is free!
  • Fit Body Boot Camp: 30-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, great way to see change quickly – and who doesn’t love getting it over with in 30 minutes? Your first three classes are free.
  • Cycle Bar: Great way to burn some calories in a fast paced cardio workout! Also, cycling is an awesome option for anyone who has hip or lower back issues – so much less pressure on the joints. First class is free – just find your location.
  • For more deals on longer packages/memberships… Groupon is also a great option! For example, right now they have great prices for iLoveKickboxing, Bikram Yoga, and Crossfit.

Who knows, you may try one of these classes and end up loving it – that’s what ended up happening to me with Pure Barre. Each site has information on their membership prices, but each location usually has special deals inside the studio, so don’t forget to ask when you’re there!

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