Big, Bad Breakups Don’t Have to Blow Your House down

Getting over a breakup is never easy, especially when things have turned ugly for a while. Constant fighting and shouting, abusive

 behavior and mistakes from both sides may turn a breakup into the worst experience of your life. However, you should not give up, and you should make sure that you have learnt your lesson well. It is your life, and it is not worth ruining over a breakup. Take matters into your own hands and pay attention to what matters most … yourself!

How to Make Breakups Not Ruin Your Life

Whatever happened is in the sphere of the past now and cannot be undone. So you need to look in front of you and find ways to make your life better again. Here are some pieces of advice that will hopefully help you survive and move on:

Take Care of Yourself

Do not neglect yourself, simply because you are not in the mood. Take some time and devote it to your well-being, working out and focusing on healthy eating. In this way, you will feel better, and you will start seeing things in a new perspective. Try out a new haircut and go on a diet, if you want to lose some weight. Quit smoking and enjoy long walks, with or without company.

A Good House Cleanup

If you used to live together before your breakup, things are pretty shaky now. What you need is a good house cleanup, so that you can rearrange your daily life and make sure that nothing reminds you of your ex. Change the pictures of you two together with others that make you smile; take advantage of the extra space in drawers and come up with new ways to organize your kitchen.

Catch up with Friends

Friends will help you move on, allowing you to have fun without thinking of your breakup. Schedule a night out, go to the theater and even get away for some days. Changing your daily routine is crucial when you want to let go of something. The company of good friends is soothing and can be of great help, while there is always the chance of meeting someone new. Be open to new friendships and even flirt with others, so that you realize life is not over after a breakup.

No Blame Game

Do not fall for the blame game and do not spend whole hours accusing your ex. Breakups can be tough and hurt inside, but there is no point in placing the blame on somebody else. Even if what caused the breakup is entirely your ex’s fault, anger should not guide you. Forgive and forget, no matter how hard this can be.

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