Blessings in Deep Disguise

Blessings in Deep Disguise

Sometimes you have to Dive Deep

Sometimes you have to Dive Deep

I would say that I’m definitely a glass half full kind of guy, but divorce kicked my ass.

Staying positive and cheery through lies and deceit is impossible. I stared at my home, family and soon to be ex-wife, in absolute disbelief. How could this be happening? Why to me and our family?

That was by far the worst year of my life.

And now for some Lemonade…

What followed were some of the best years of my life.


I was a good parent, but there were things I took for granted in my marriage. My job was to “bring home the bacon.” Hers was to save them from my cooking. I was (and some say still am) very, very bad. Waking up one day a single parent, I had to decide that either my family eats out of Styrofoam every night, or I learn to cook a few dishes. So it was with these small necessities of life (eating…), that life as we knew it continued to change and be challenging, but for the better. Why? Because of this life change, I had to change. I had to go to meet the teacher, meet the other parents, and buy tampons. These simple tasks got me reengaged with the relationships with my children and parents in their lives. In a busy family unit, it’s easy to put off the “small stuff” and leave to the other half. I found that I had lost a partner, but gained an opportunity to experience my family in a fantastic new way and make deeper long term relationships with friends and neighbors.

The Divorced also have been through a relationship boot camp. We are masters at what worked, what didn’t, and what annoys the heck out of a partner. Find yourself and your passions and you will be the perfect future catch. Just don’t bite on any hooks anytime soon.

Life Perspective

Vice-president at 32, and president of a multi-national company by 34 life’s path seemed set. But for what? – Miles, points and accolades can drive an individual, but a family and memories make it priceless. Look at the gifts you have or look forward to the ones you’ve not even found yet. The divorce happened. No one goes into the marriage looking to fail, but mine did. Now what is there to do about it? The only way forward is, well, forward. So be thankful for what you have and where you are and know that new opportunities and adventure await those that don’t sit staring at the shipwreck of the past, but pick up a hammer to rebuild something for the future.

Helping Others and IMO

From a dark sad place (well I was… in a bar in Southern Italy) IMO was born. It’s very hard to help someone without walking a mile in their shoes. Here at IMO, we are a group of ultra-runners, wearing and sharing a lot of stinky shoes, but we wouldn’t miss a shoe or blister. Helping others and sharing makes the journey worth it. No matter how dark it looks today, you can turn the page and start a new chapter with a new and positive you with a new and positive life.

Don’t settle on the stormy surface of life’s turbulent ocean of of being tossed around or battered into a wreck.

Sometimes you need to dive deep and look at the storm from a different angle. It’s calmer down under and you might even discover hidden treasure.



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  1. Jon
    October 16, 15:58 Reply
    Some really good friends of mine were the first couple to get married. All three of us were great friends and still are. We don't see us much now with kids, life, etc. They recently called me and told me they had separated and were getting a divorce. I hate it for them and their kids. Hopefully they can work it out. If not, I hope it's new beginning for both of the them.
  2. Amy
    October 17, 22:43 Reply
    I couldn't agree more! These things happen for a reason. For me, I'd not have gone down the line of work I'm in and be healing so many people coming into my full potential as a person and healer. I am so grateful I decided to leave even though a day doesn't go by I don't think of him. The pain lessens with time and the more grateful I am for my new life.
  3. janice2
    October 21, 08:53 Reply
    I guess what's good about divorce too is the fact that you're free to explore new relationships. Sometimes a bad marriage takes the heart and soul out of people. Getting in to new relationships and experiencing other things is actually a great way to experience life more.

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