Build Confidence after a Divorce

Divorce can make even the most self-assured people become full of uncertainty about them. It is able to make us

question everything about ourselves. After a divorce, you are forced back into the single life and dating; however, this time, you are older and not as good-looking as before. The worst thing for your confidence is if your old partner ends up with someone younger, smarter, better looking, or wealthier than you.

No matter how the split happened, your confidence level is most likely not where it was. Here are some ways to rebuild your confidence after a divorce.

 Write and Post an Achievement list

After a divorce, you should take the time to brag about yourself, but only to yourself. Create a list that is made up of all the things that you have accomplished in your life, even the smallest things. Then post it in an area where you will see it every day. This list can help you put it into perspective that your situation is only temporary.

Invest is One Item That Makes You Feel Attractive

Feeling attractive can make you feel like you have confidence, even if you really do not. For many people, this is buying a special piece of clothing and wears it until you have more confidence. Be careful here, as you should only buy one item, two at the most. You should not blow all your money trying to build confidence through clothing. People are able to see right through this type of confidence.

Flirting after a Divorce

 When you are finishing up with a divorce, you do not need to be ready to jump right back into the dating game. You can flirt and be flirted with, without needing to go on a date. Flirting can reaffirm that you are desirable, and can help you take steps to become confident enough to date again in the future.

Take Time to Address Your Appearance after a Divorce

 There are always times when we simply do not care about what we look like. However, after a divorce and when you are trying to rebuild confidence, the small amount of time it takes to get ready your day can make you feel much better about yourself.

Try Something New After a Divorce

 Many couples end up doing the same things, as they spend nearly all of their free time together. This means after a divorce, doing the same things will most likely end up with you meeting up with your ex-partner. There are many websites to help you find new, local activities. Pick things that you have never done before, as this, will mean that you have no expectations. This can boost your confidence a lot if you find something that you are good at.

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