ReSolutions Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Services, LLC

ReSolutions Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Services, LLC

ReSolutions Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Services, LLC
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ReSolutions Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Services, LLC
Navigating change of a family structure is difficult. When you want to resolve conflict, you need an expert to guide you safely through the process. Experienced divorce mediators located in Brooklyn, Rachel Green and her associates can provide neutral ground for negotiation. She will give you the information you need to find solutions that will work well for you, your ex and (if applicable) your child(ren). We are trained to improve communication and help you brainstorm to consider all of your options before you make decisions. We are also attorneys and – if you are both ready, and both agree – we can draft your separation agreement, and prepare and file divorce papers for you.

The family restructuring which takes place when a long-term relationship ends in divorce is always stressful. It is my hope to you and your family to achieve as many of these as possible:

To help the two of you to sustain a positive relationship after the divorce so that you can continue parenting your children and relating to other extended family members.

To help strengthen your life skills about communication, parenting asset management and support issues, and each be better able to manage all of these areas separately after the divorce.
To minimize the length of time of the divorce process, so that all members of your family are freed from the ongoing stress of unfinished business.
To avoid the deleterious effects of the adversarial legal process, which tends to pit people against each other.
The process should help your family to benefit from the economic and tax benefits of collaborative tax planning.
The outcome should provide some measure of economic parity after the divorce.
The process is cost-effective, and leaves the bulk of your assets in the family.
Both of you are, as much as possible, satisfied with the outcome and understand why each gave up some things and received others.

As your mediator, I can help you move through the issues and find new ground for resolution. I won’t take sides with you against your spouse, or with your spouse against you. Instead, I will work with you to increase your understanding of each other and of your conflict. I will not make decisions for you — only you will decide what is best for your future. Conflict is painful. Most people have a drive to resolve it. When people understand the sources of conflict, there is a huge release of creative energy which leads to terrific brainstorming sessions about how to solve the problem and end the conflict. Once all the issues are on the table, we can begin to delve deeper into different points to gain an increased understanding. When that understanding is there, problem solving begins. As you and your spouse agree, I will begin to draft an Agreement reflecting your discussions.

Can I Mediate If I’m Angry?

Anger is a normal feeling to have during a divorce. In fact, if you didn’t feel angry there would probably be something very wrong. Usually, one person has been unhappy for a period of time preceding the divorce, and was angry during this time. When that person tells the other that he or she has decided to leave the marriage, the other is in shock and has to deal with lots of emotions – sorrow, fear and certainly anger.

Whether you are the angry one or are dealing with an angry (ex) spouse, it’s never easy. Anger often builds up without your knowing it – and if you are not aware of feeling angry, the anger will cause you (or your spouse) to lash out.

Anger can be expressed in mediation and in fact, it is a valuable tool for a mediator to use to not only resolve the divorce, but also to help shape a better divorce agreement. In mediation anger is a clue that there is an important piece of information which has not yet been expressed, and which must be explored and understood. Anger tells me that someone has important needs which are not being met. When someone is angry I want to hear how they are feeling and I want to understand why they are angry. In mediation, anger gives us a key to use to shape a divorce agreement.

If you could resolve all of these problems yourselves, you probably wouldn’t be getting divorced. All couples have issues which feel overwhelming to one or both of you – which feel, as if they cannot be resolved – but that is not a fact, it is how you feel.
Maybe you have read about mediation, but it just doesn’t seem right for you. Are you concerned about getting all the information you need and having some protections during the divorcing process? Maybe you don’t want an all-out war with your spouse — but you don’t feel comfortable sitting in a room and negotiating for yourself.

Collaborative Law allows you to be represented by an attorney in a process where you and your spouse agree that the goal is a peaceful settlement which maximizes the benefit to the family. You will use interest-based negotiation, which is the same technique used in mediation, but you will have an attorney by your side. Your attorney will guide you, advise you and speak for you when necessary.

In Collaborative Law cases, the attorneys agree that they won’t resort to the courts. This allows you and your spouse to keep control of certain aspects of your divorce, such as the cost and the timing. The attorneys will assist you to generate a wide range of possibilities for solutions to all of the problems facing your family, so that when you enter into an agreement you will have taken the time and weighed all your options to make sure that it is the best possible agreement for your family.

Rachel has been specifically trained in Collaborative Law

ReSolutions Mediation Services
J.D., Boston University 1990
Advanced Practitioner Mediator, NY State Council on Divorce Mediation
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ReSolutions Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Services, LLC

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