Misery LOVES Company

You have been there. You text your BFFs in the middle of the night, “I’ve found my soul mate. We have been chatting and texting and we have 5 hour

Three Parenting Mistakes Good Parents Make — Mistake #3

The Third Mistake parents make is speaking negatively about one another in front of their child. Let me widen the definition of speaking negatively to include disparaging body language, undermining indicators of

The Other D Word

I kind of promised, so here it is. My two cents on the other  D-word. Dating. I wasn’t crazy about dating the first time around, mostly because in my early twenties

Taking the Right Path?

Taking the Right Path? Stick to the "Right" path I have always had a love of forests. Now, you won’t catch me skipping along a path in a red hood

Build Confidence after a Divorce

Divorce can make even the most self-assured people become full of uncertainty about them. It is able to make us question everything about ourselves. After a divorce, you are forced

Creative Diversionary Tactics…

Do you ever make a decision to solve one problem and find a completely different solution once you start down that path? (OK, this situation might qualify for the Also

Don’t Fan Old Flames

Recently Single? Looking for that New Spark? Don’t look back run. Run Forward, Very fast. Do not even peek at your High School flame on Facebook or you might turn

There are only two options: make progress or make excuses.

Get Motivated – “There are only two options: make progress or make excuses.” Unknown Going through and living past a divorce is hard. But, You can do this. Keep breathing