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We’d like to be able to share a wider range of each other’s experiences during and beyond break up. Life has a funny way of presenting us with many personal ups and downs that—in the moment—may not seem beneficial to our life experience, but through greater perspective and wisdom reveal tremendous opportunities for personal growth…


Speechlessness. It’s a place I don’t often find myself. I can usually come up with words to fill a space, whether it’s a blank page, a random conversation, a hard

Your Rights — Going Fast! Part 3

{3 minutes to read} “In heaven we have justice. Here on earth, we have law.” So said my Torts Professor, and so it seems indicated by the case we continue

“Is there life after divorce?” – The Next 10 Yards

Hi folks. Last time around, we explored the question, “Is there life after divorce?” Those of you who gave serious reflection to this puzzler should already have experienced positive behavioral

Dating After Divorce

As the rate of divorce has been growing exponentially during the last decades, many people’s romantic life has acquired yet another step. After single and looking, dating or involved in

Things I Did Right

It went down something like this… “The guy you married never really existed.” Very long far-more-complicated story short, those words from my now ex-husband hung in the air for as

Facing Up To Your Reflection

What does your reflection look like? Do you see yourself as a “hottie” or “nottie”…? I’m not one for staring into the mirror (not that Thom’s not a looker, or so his

6 Practices To…

Start helping you move on this weekend. If you’re having trouble moving on, you’re probably doing at least one of these things wrong. So start moving on and being the