Help others achieve their dreams..

..and you’ll achieve yours!! Many of us have dreams that we would love to achieve but do not consider to be practical. Well guess what?! They don’t have to be!

Three Parenting Mistakes Good Parents Make — Mistake #1

Married and divorced parents are capable of good and terrible parenting. Most parenting mistakes come from good intentions gone slightly askew. Parenting with some particular vulnerabilities look different in a

Coaching Self During Divorce

When you think of an athlete you think of someone who is strong, determined, unwavering, focused…. These are the traits athletes use to help them achieve their goals and win!

Spousal Support

When should you pay alimony? There are factors to consider by the judge in deciding whether alimony is appropriate. The court can order alimony if the spouse asking for alimony

Divorce. A journey through Hell… but also road to Valhalla?

And seven tourist traps on the trip. Time to focus on the destination not the journey I found out I was single again in a text. No, it wasn't high

My life is full of mistakes. They’re like pebbles that make a good road.

Get Motivated – “My life is full of mistakes. They’re like pebbles that make a good road.” Beatrice Wood Going through and living past a divorce is hard. But, You

Living Light: The Many Benefits of Minimalism

In a culture wherein materialism is evident in more ways than one, living the life of a minimalist is one that proves to be off the beaten track. There are

Change After Divorce Can Really Be a Second Chance

By: Pat Bubash A decision regarding change, even when of our own choosing, can be difficult. Moving to new city, beginning a new job, transferring to a different school, all