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Valentine’s Day Divorce

Valentine’s Day has always been a holiday filled with cards, roses, and candies, but according to a recent article in The New York Post, divorce filings actually increase this time of year.

Blame – Divorce’s Unfriendly Bedfellow Uncovered

Let’s lift the blind on blame. If blame had a whistle blower, what would he say? BLAME – What is it really about? I get aggravated when a news story breaks

Negotiating Spousal Support During a Divorce

Are you interested in receiving spousal support after your divorce? Will you be required to pay support to your ex-spouse? If so, you can negotiate the amount and duration of

What Are the Rules for Moving Back Home After a Divorce with Children?

Let’s assume you grew up outside of Illinois, resided in Chicago for your married life, had children while married and living in Illinois, and then get divorced in Illinois. If you wanted

Avoiding Insurance Revenge While Your Divorce Is Pending

Insurance revenge? Did you even know that such a thing existed? In a divorce, emotions run high. Too often, spouses do things to hurt one another. One of the best-known

How to Hire the Right Lawyer or Legal Advisor

  There will probably come a time in your life when you will need or want to seek legal advice or services. One of the first questions you may ask

Child Custody Holiday Schedule

Creating a child custody schedule is not an easy task. When going through a divorce, you should be putting a lot of thought into the custody of your child and what would be in your child’s best interest…