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How to Reduce the Cost of Divorce

It is not that rare that you hear someone going to the divorce process stating that keeping the relationship is much cheaper that going through the whole legal process. Divorce

Legal Resources

Educate yourself before making any big decisions. Deciding whether to hire a lawyer or not can make a world of difference! Here are a few books we found really helpful…

What you need to consider before fighting over Fido

"Whose Your Daddy?" Conflicts over a pet can be just as important to divorcing spouses as any issue when both spouses have developed a special connection to a companion pet and

Can the Custodial Parent Move Out of State?

When parents decide to divorce (or separate if they were never married) they will need to make custody arrangements that meet their children’s best interests. These arrangements must address how

Let it be known.. Name change

Once you’ve completed your name change, it’s important that you make sure to spread the news. Of course, your close friends and family probably already know—and may have been calling

What is a Bifurcation Divorce?

In many states, bifurcation of a divorce allows spouses to become legally divorced before the details have been finalized. A typical bifurcation case is one in which one spouse wants

Enforcing Parenting Plans After Divorce

One of the hardest things that you can go through involves custody issues related to divorce. Divorce can be difficult on all parties  involved, but especially the children that are

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