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Should I Include my New Partner in my Parenting Time?

After a divorce, it is natural to want to date again. Many of us go on to do just that in the months and years following our divorces. It is also

Harrington Family Law – Fifteen Tips on Staying Sane During Property Settlement

For over thirty years, twenty as an accredited family law specialist, I have assisted countless clients in property settlements. Here are my fifteen tips on how to stay sane during

Communicate with Care During a Divorce-The Written Word is Forever

During a divorce, communications with your spouse may get heated or even ugly.  It has been my experience as a Chicago divorce attorney that most litigants benefit from utilizing guidelines

Basic Divorce Guide

The process of divorce is normally heard in the family court. This simply means that the divorce trial will not be heard in  front of the jury. A judge will

Is Divorce Looming? – Three Tips from a Divorce Lawyer

1. Talk to a Divorce Attorney It is incredibly important you know your legal rights. Every situation is different, and you will need an experienced divorce lawyer to advise you

Post Divorce Name Change Q&A

If you’ve recently gone through—or are in the process of—divorce the question as to the future of your current last name may have popped into mind.

Does My Child’s School Have to Enforce My Custody Agreement?

If you live in Illinois, have children, and are in the middle of a divorce, you probably have a parenting plan or agreement. This can cover many areas, but one of

How Often Can My Parenting Plan Be Revised?

In Illinois, during a divorce, couples with children enter into a parenting plan. Before 2016, this document would be referred to as a custody agreement; however, an Illinois law was