Divorce Financial Investing Advice

Divorce not only means the end to a partnership, or a relationship which they had been nurturing with care for so long, but for many, it also means a total depletion of financial resources. Not everyone in this world is economically independent and therefore, they are required to start all over again after the divorce. If you are unaware of your rights during the divorce or are also in the dark about what kind of hurdles or situations to expect following the divorce, don’t worry. Our contributors have ensured that you get the right kind of divorce financial investing advice and grow a better understanding of these matters so that you can regain your financial stability with regard to individual investments and retirement plans. Take a look at some of our articles here in order to handle your finances more wisely.

Dividing Your Assets and Stuff During Divorce ( a.k.a. The Spoils of War…)

It’s amazing how after years of your Ex hating your antique teapot or baseball card collection, all of a sudden they become the most valuable items in the house when


Staying Positive When Living in the Negative

Waking Up Divorce Poor It’s not just the fact that in America we spend and waste $28 billion a year on divorce (we do also spend $39 billion on ice

Spousal Social Security Benefits

DIVORCE 911 collaborated with Russ Thornton of Wealthcare for Women for this blog post. They have a video covering this topic as well. Social security benefits are a fairly complicated topic. People are often confused

Death and Taxes……And Divorce

The reality is that a great many people will need a family lawyer at some time.  The rate at which married couples divorce hovers around 1 in 2.  And those

Pre-Nups: The Death of Love

I’ve heard them described as the ‘death of love’.  Pre-nups, or as we call them in Australia, Financial Agreements – documents which describe a financial outcome in respect of a

The Danger of Relying on Your Valuation Expert in the Family Court

Going to court to argue the value of the family company can be a risky affair, as a recent Family Court case illustrates. In the case, called Riley and Riley, all

Get Thrifty!

Forced to live economically due to divorce or significant life change can be very stressful. Do research to get some time-tested ideas on how you can make this transition a

Leaving the Nest – Part Four, Princess Edition.

My parenting self-image might be a little over stated... This is only the Princess edition if the said princess is the type that kicks some serious butt. I'm talking the
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