Divorce Financial Investing Advice

Surviving financially during and after a divorce is incredibly stressful. Check out our resources from professionals and the community regarding divorce and financial investing advice.

Get Thrifty!

Forced to live economically due to divorce or significant life change can be very stressful. Do research to get some time-tested ideas on how you can make this transition a

Leaving the Nest – Part Four, Princess Edition.

My parenting self-image might be a little over stated... This is only the Princess edition if the said princess is the type that kicks some serious butt. I'm talking the


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You can save during a Divorce.

Most divorces these days are nasty, brutish, and all too long. Not to mention damned expensive. The average cost of a wedding is just under $28,000, according to Conde Nast


A better way to manage child support.  Eliminate child support conflict and enjoy transparency while saving time and money. Spend less time managing child support and more time raising happy,

Savings for the Birds?

Stock, Bonds, 401K gotta save those pennies for Our Retirement…. Really? Are you working yourself to Death, and a late Retirement? What are you saving for? If it’s for comfy

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