Build Confidence after a Divorce

Divorce can make even the most self-assured people become full of uncertainty about them. It is able to make us question everything about ourselves. After a divorce, you are forced

What Should I Know About Social Media During a Divorce?

In today’s world, we are all connected over the Internet. We text more than we call, we email more than we send letters, and we post about our lives on

Frequently Asked Questions about Spousal Support

What is spousal support? Also known as alimony, spousal support refers to the payment that is made by one spouse to another following divorce. The payment is intended to maintain

You can save during a Divorce.

Most divorces these days are nasty, brutish, and all too long. Not to mention damned expensive. The average cost of a wedding is just under $28,000, according to Conde Nast

A Therapist’s Divorce Advice, Part 1

Divorce Advice from a Therapist I’d like to welcome Dr. Cassandra Friedman, a therapist who helps people going through divorce channel their sadness and anger into something productive, and also

A Kinder Gentler New Year

I am really good at a number of things. And I really suck at lot of other things. Ironing. Driving go-Karts. OK driving period. Elapsed time awareness. Telling way too

Divorce Decision Day One: 6 Realizations of a Survivor

Divorce Decision Day One:  6 Realizations of a Survivor Divorce? What the Hell Now? A friend called me this week looking for a suggestion on a lawyer. It made me

Understanding Children’s Emotional Needs During Divorce

When parents are caught up in the drama of divorce it is easy for them to forget the emotional and security needs of their innocent children. The following are a