Health and Wellness

Self-Care Saturday

Self-care is incredibly important when it comes to mental health. I am a student with two part time jobs, an internship, class work, and three websites to manage. Sometimes I

The “We Space”

The “we space” is what is created when two or more people are in a relationship. A couple has a different energy than each person on his own; a family has a

Blame – Divorce’s Unfriendly Bedfellow Uncovered

Let’s lift the blind on blame. If blame had a whistle blower, what would he say? BLAME – What is it really about? I get aggravated when a news story breaks

Mindfulness and “Self-in-Presence”: A Tool for Divorce Mediation?

How do we get present? Practice, practice, practice! And, softly, softly, softly. One suggestion: set an alarm on your smartphone to sound a gentle tone several times during the day. When you hear it,

Mindfulness and Mediation

In some spiritual practices, a bell sounds several times a day calling the observant to prayer. Like a mindfulness bell, it brings the devotee back to what is important: her

International Child-Centered Divorce Month

Divorce Experts Commemorate International Child-Centered Divorce Month in January With Advice, Support and Resources For Parents Coping With Divorce Does Divorce Scar Children – Or Do Poor Parenting Choices Do

Post-Holiday Review

How did you do? got through the holidays, congratulations! Were any of you assertive and had your own party rather than wait for invitations that didn't come? Maybe you

Monday Meditation – Self-Love

Monday Meditation Week 1: Self-love The beginning stages of a divorce or heartbreak are the most difficult.  Its a time of heavy emotional processing.  As you transition from one state of being