Home Moving Advice after Divorcing

Divorce brings along a drastic change in the lives of people that even involve leaving your existing home, selling it, and buying a new one and moving into it. Even though you have a family home, you must create your own place where you can be comfortable, happy, and most importantly at peace. You must remember that if you want a new environment around you, you have to sometimes take charge and change it yourself. Take a look at our articles about home moving advice after divorcing, to know more about how to build a new home, how to plan motivating and inspiring holidays, where to move, how to revive the surroundings and how to live your life after starting afresh.

Time to Ditch the Waterwings – Apartment Living After Divorce

Is your pool half full or half empty? We can all agree that divorce sucks. No one wants to be here or go through this awful transition. But if you

Single Parent Home Buying

Buying a home as a single parent, especially after a divorce, can be a challenge if you are not prepared. Unfortunately many sellers view a single parent buyer as “less”

10 Things To Make An Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving into new living space often comes with divorce territory. Small touches make a big impact in a new apartment.  If you're moving from a house or larger multi-family living

5 Best Ways to Refresh Your Surroundings Following Divorce 

Bye-Bye Ex, Hello New Life! Fresh start, Requires Fresh Paint! What do you do with a half-empty house or when you're living out of your suitcase? You take this opportunity to do

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Home Sweet Home: The Big Decision

To Sell or Not To Sell? Should I stay or should I go? That was the big question. Less than a year after my divorce, I found myself in a

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The Happiness Project… or the Single-parenting Hail Mary

I woke up this morning all good intentions and rainbows. Unfortunately, others under my roof didn't get the memo. At the kitchen table slumped two heaps of snoring blankets, not