Rip It Off

Chores can be family fun!

by Aundie Donohue
Chores never seem to be the favorable thing to do. This weekend turn that around and make getting chores done …read more

Learning to Love the Waves

My recent move had upset nearly everything about life as I knew it. When I saw the surfers gracefully gliding across the ocean, it seemed like the exact opposite of the flailing and near drowning that I was experiencing in my new job, new house, new community, and new stage in life and parenting.

Dating After Divorce

As the rate of divorce has been growing exponentially during the last decades, many people’s romantic life has acquired yet another step. After single and looking, dating or involved in

The High’s, Low’s and Roles…

Thom’s Travels- Spring Break Edition, Part 2 This years Spring Break trip had a lot of special significance. We returned to the place where my daughter first learned to ski

Touchup and Paint

“So you been broken and you been hurt, Show me somebody who ain’t. Yeah, I know I ain’t nobody’s bargain But, hell, a little touchup And a little paint…” Bruce

Recovering from Divorce and Overcoming Fears

Twenty-something years ago, I bought the greatest pair of heather gray sweatpants. They were perfect for the grocery store, road trips, yoga class, nearly everything! Think the LBD of uber

When You’ve Figured It Out: Dropping the Mike.

What feels like a lifetime ago, I had the benefit of listening to someone much wiser than I was at that time tell me her experience in the places I