Advice on Co-Parenting & Single-Parenting

Divorce can cause drastic changes in your life, of which the most crucial are the changing parental roles, and spending only court allocated time with dear ones. In the case of single parenting, one has to bear the daily responsibilities of raising a child or children, and shared parenting or co-parenting is when two or more adults raise a child together irrespective of whether they are the biological parents of the child or whether they are living together post divorce. The struggles of co-parenting can be extremely stressful and since parenting styles tend to differ, a conflict may arise as well. The situation becomes further complicated when a parent remarries or gets involved in a new relationship because of time management issues. It is however, essential for all the parties to always put the interests of child first.

Take a look at some of these articles which talk about the wonderful ways of single-parenting, how one should spur talents in order to cope with such challenges, or the different ways in which co-parenting can be beneficial for you and your child(ren) etc.

Owning It

Ownership. When you own something, it's yours. No sharing, no interest, no back-up if something breaks. Good, bad, easy, or difficult-- whatever you own, it is yours. I've been mulling

Parenting Kids with Disabilities after Divorce

I have a child with a disability. It is something he was born with, and he will deal with it for the rest of his life. It means he struggles

Being Self Serving Makes Serving Selfish

(Blimey, try saying that three times fast with a mouthful of humble pie) Un-twist your tongue and find out what motivates you. The Why in "Why am I doing this?"

Should Squirrels Have the Right of Way?

{6 minutes to read}  A friend of mine told me a little story about a woman he knew who had asked him why deer never cross at the places labeled “deer

The Empty Yes-ter

I can see the finish line. It feels so close. One last push to the tape. Before you ask, no, I am not nearing “that” end. I do not have

6 Crucial Messages When Telling Your Kids About Divorce

By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC It’s no surprise that divorce brings up deep insecurities in our children. They can be frightened and unsure about what the future will bring. That’s why

The Handover Book

Leigh Moriarty and Ashley Palmer  A little less than a year ago, myself and my colleague Ashley Palmer created and published the first ever Handover Book which is a communication tool

5 Single Parent Strategies for Communicating with your Child’s Other Parent

London-based Jennifer Broadley has been a successful single parent for many years. She offers some valuable thoughts about how best to communicate with your child's other parent. While some of