Advice on Co-Parenting & Single-Parenting

Divorce can cause drastic changes in your life, of which the most crucial are the changing parental roles, and spending only court allocated time with dear ones. In the case of single parenting, one has to bear the daily responsibilities of raising a child or children, and shared parenting or co-parenting is when two or more adults raise a child together irrespective of whether they are the biological parents of the child or whether they are living together post divorce. The struggles of co-parenting can be extremely stressful and since parenting styles tend to differ, a conflict may arise as well. The situation becomes further complicated when a parent remarries or gets involved in a new relationship because of time management issues. It is however, essential for all the parties to always put the interests of child first.

Take a look at some of these articles which talk about the wonderful ways of single-parenting, how one should spur talents in order to cope with such challenges, or the different ways in which co-parenting can be beneficial for you and your child(ren) etc.

Managing Anger & Other Co-Parenting Challenges

Anger is a natural consequence of a relationship breakup or divorce. But not all anger is the same and it’s important to understand how anger is affecting not only your

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Divorced was not a world I ever expected to be part of. I was a writer by profession. And like you, I never anticipated becoming a divorced parent. Briefly, here’s

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I’ve faced many difficult moments in my life. But preparing to tell my son that I will be divorcing his father was absolutely one of the worst. Thinking about breaking

Picking Up the Pieces after a Break Up

Swing and a miss or swing for the fences? Statistic: 50% of marriages end in divorce. 67% of second marriages end in divorce. Third marriages? 73% end in divorce. Three

A Prophylactic Against Teen Crazy!

I raised three teens, two older boys and a younger girl child.  They were two years apart.  I was a single parent and I would often believe I would end

Please Somebody See Me!

Maybe the greatest pain or source of pain I have seen in the children of wealthy families in the pain of not being known while being known. I know that sounds

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones But Words…

I have seen an epidemic of interventions by parents, teachers, social media hawks, law enforcement and the public to run to the aid of people, primarily young people, when they

Teaching Teens and Millennials The Joy of Giving

The teenage years are often a time of intense selfishness.  It is all about them.  Their needs, emotions, future, money, friends, etc.  After all they even invented the "Selfie" because