Changing Life with the Droopy Plant Test

Changing Life with the Droopy Plant Test

Divorce can tear you apart at your very core. Many lose their faith or belief in their God. Many lose trust in the opposite sex.You lose your identity as a wife or husband. You lose your rituals: making Thanksgiving dinner, putting ornaments on the tree, hiding the Easter eggs, movies together on Sunday, BBQ in the summer…and so on.

So now what? Now you get to put yourself back together again the way YOU want, without trying to please others, without needing anyone else’s permission, without judgement. This time is all about YOU. You are the only one who matters now.

Over the next few months, even years, review your life. You can kick out anything or anyone who doesn’t bring you absolute joy and feed you in some way. How do you know what/who goes and what/who stays? When you are with it, decide if it brings you joy or stress.

One morning I woke up, went to the kitchen to feed the dogs and check on the plant that someone gave me. I realized how much angst this dang plant gives me! I am no Gardner and when plants die, it chips away at my happiness and self-esteem that day. This particular morning the plant was lilting and I asked myself “Why am I allowing this plant to stress me out every morning? I found a new home for it in an hour!

Ditch the stress, even the small stuff! When your home is filled with things and people who are stress-free and who nurture you, then you have foundation of who you are now!

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